Monitoring-solutions by KSS-Verfahrenstechnik.


. . .  more than error messages on your mobile phone !


Usually if you are operator of a complex plant and you'll get an error message because one signal is out of range, you cannot identify the ultimate cause of fault at once. Doing this you need additional information of condition changes in your system.

If you are recording and continuous preparing defined system values via a monitoring system you'll get the necessary basis of information. This is the way to localize the ultimate cause, to clear faults and to secure a high availability of your process system.


Our approach:

We analyze you existing coolant system, configure data recording and fit out the sensor systems as a parallel structure. Existing plant control system will be unchanged. During the startup phase we will define the permitted values for an efficient system. Differences of these permitted values in the operating phase will be evaluated as out of range signal.