gravel filter


flow rate: 50…5.000 l/min

grade of filtration:  ca. 5 µm


Gravel filters for coolant systems will be used only for water based fluids. The separation process is based on a mix of sedimentation and adsorption and also filtration in the upper area of the gravel bed.

The separation is even better if the particles have a essential higher density than water and if the medium has a low surfactant effect.


During filtration the gravel bed will be passed top down. The dirt particles take place in the gravel bed. The flow resistance will increase. If differential pressure or period of time is reached, the filter will be flushed back. In this case fluid out of the clean tank will be pumped bottom up through the filter. At the filter bed started fluidisation. The matured dirt particles will be resolved and the fluid current put it to the secondary preparation.


Advantages of the gravel filter are the high grade of filtration without any filter aid and a long lifecycle of the gravel fill.